We have various stock products, which are listed here as below.

If you prefer to order some stock rims as below, just feel free to drop an email to us Your order will be taken care of. 


UD Matte 32Holes, with (wrap-over) Purple-Blue NEXTIE decals [ 464g, 456g]

NXT27CD50 UD, 32Holes, Model A-13pcs

NXT27CD42 UD, 32Holes, Model A-11pcs

NXT27AM35 UD, 28Holes-1pcs

NXT29CD42 UD, 32Holes, Model A-2pcs

NXT29UM35 UD, 32Holes-4pcs;UD, 28Holes-5pcs

NXT65BE-TS UD, Matte 15*150/12*197AT, with (two-side) Purple-Blue NEXTIE decals

NXT65BE-II UD, 32Holes-6pcs

NXT27BE65-II UD, 32Holes-10pcs

NXT30RX UD 24/28Holes, Enduro version, disc-1pair

NXT30RX UD 20Holes-12pcs

NXT45RX UD 24Holes-3pcs

NXT70RX UD 20Holes-3pcs;UD 24Holes-5pcs

NXT451BMX23 UD/32Holes, disc-2pcs; 3K/28Holes disc-1pcs; 3K/32Holes disc-1pcs