2021 Achievements

2021.2 - Since the market had new aesthetic requirements for the appearance of the road bike wheels, we developed our first wave model carbon road rim NXT58RW.  https://www.nextie.com/wave-road-clincher-NXT58RW

2021.3 - As the single-wall style of bicycle rim is becoming more and more popular, in order to meet the needs of more customers and fans, we developed three new items - Xiphias 29" 55mm, Xiphias 27.5" 55mm and Xiphias 27.5" 80mm. 

2021.4 - Gravel bike has become a new popular trend. It takes into account the riding comfort of mountain bike and the high speed of road bike. In view of this, we have developed a new series of gravel AGX. In particular, NXT45AGX has been highly praised by riders.

2021.5 - We found our innovative all road series ARX carbon rims are more likely to be used for Gravel, we developed a lower depth model of NXT29ARX for higher performance, and won a lot of appreciation.

2021.6 - Under the suggestions of many loyal fans, we have developed the first 36 inch carbon fiber bicycle ring domestically. This is an innovative product with a larger outer diameter, which poses a higher challenge to its quality and strength

2021.7 - To meet customers request of high-end hubs, we imported industry nine hydra hubs in variety of colors: black, red, orange, gold, blue, purple and green. 

2021.7 - Wild Dragon Tri-Spoke wheel has already been an unique and representive product of NEXTIE, our fans has higher demand on this product. After several months upgrade, Wild Dragon Tri-Spoke wheel assembled with DT Big Ride hubs borned. We did also redesign the shape of the 3 carbon spokes, for better aerodynamic performance. 

2021.9 - To win more riders trust on the reliability of our products, we applied for the UCI approval. We only submitted the model of NXT45RC road bike rim which is a standard edition. The NXT45RC passed UCI's standard. Our premium edition performance better than standard edition. Riders could feel free to rush forward on NEXTIE's products. https://www.nextie.com/UCI-approved

2021.9 - Fatbike is a representive and important catagory of NEXTIE. To improve this catagory, we supply full carbon fiber fatbike frameset in size of 15", 17" and 19". https://www.nextie.com/fatbike-frameset

2021.11 - More and more fatbike riders are interested in the higher size of 27.5-inch tri-spoke wheels, so we innovatively developed our second fatbike tri-spoke wheel - Wild Dragon Tri-Spoke 27.5". We now accept reservation only. https://www.nextie.com/fatbike-wild-dragon-85mm-NXT27WD85-tri-spoke It will be assembled with DT Big Ride hubs. You'll be proud to have it. 

2021.12 - Road CRX series is the bestseller of our road bike rims. Riders came up with a sugestion of a higher depth road rim. We developed a 65mm depth CRX. Now it's still under developing. Once we've done all tests, this new product will be listed on our website. 

If you have more expectations for the innovation of carbon fiber bicycle in the future, you are welcome to pay attention to us or write to us at any time. In 2022, we will make more good products for our users and fans to experience. For customers who provide with good and creative ideas , we will present many amazing rewards.