Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset

  • Unit Price: 30 USD


NEXTIE offers a full line of custom bike rims for Fat Bike wheels, providing tailor-made solutions to meet your specifications. We have years of experience in wheel-building, and we cater to the needs of each customer. In our inventory, we offer different sizes carbon fiber fat bike rims.

At NEXTIE, we build each wheel with precision and care, you can be confident that you are getting a high quality custom bicycle wheelset when you buy from us. 

If you are interested in customzing your bike with new and stylish rims, the experts at NEXTIE are ready to make your bike look great and improve your preformance on the trails. We have been serving the cycling community since 2013, and all our custom bike rims are made here in China. 

Carbon Bicycle Wheel Assembly Mountain Bicycles

Carbon Fat Bike Rims

Xiphias Series (single-wall) 55/65/70/80/85/95/105mm in size 26", 27.5" and 29";

Wild Dragon Series (double-wall): 85/90mm, rims and tri-spoke wheelset in size 26" and 27.5";

Black Eagle Series (double-wall) 65mm in size 26" and 27.5";

Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm in size 26".


DT Swiss 350 Big Ride, 15x150mm / 12x197mm, Rachet 36T, 6-Bolt, 32Holes. 


Spokes Sapim CX-Ray (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 272g

Spokes Sapim D-Light 2.0/1.65 (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 307g

Spokes DT Competition 2.0/1.8 (64pcs x 264mm lg) 382g

Spokes DT Competition Race 2.0/1.6 (64pcs x 264mm lg) 312g

Spokes Pillar X-Tra 1420 (64pcs x 260mm lg) 275g;

And more.


Sapim Polyas Secure Lock, DT Swiss Prolock, Alloy / Brass in color black, red, orange, gold, blue, green, purple, pink, silver and more.

What's in the Box

Carbon Wheelset (Front + Rear)

2 x Extra Spokes

2 x Tubeless Valve Stems

1 x Tubeless Tape


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Comments from Customers

Aaron W. 01 / 2020

"I bought a set of Xiphias 105mm 26” as I wanted a wide set of wheels that I could use a 5” wide tire to deal with the large amounts of fluff we get here in Alaska. I occasionally race also and wanted a light wheel set with max floatation.

I was impressed by the quality and the subtle graphics look sharp! The rims weighed a few grams less than advertised. They were easy to lace up and tension/true. They practically built themselves. I saved well over a pound over my prior 80mm Mulefut aluminum wheel set. I set them up tubless and even in -40F Aired down I’ve never had a problem with the bead unseating, unlike my aluminum rims. I’ve ridden them and abused them nearly daily during the winter months problem free for close to a year. They’ve been strong and have stayed true. They role beautifully and feel like half their size. I’m absolutely happy with my purchase. Enough so that I will be buying another narrower set of these rims to build a hard pack oriented pair."

Aaron W. 01 / 2021

"This is my long term, second review of the Xiphias 105mm rims. I’ve been on them now for two years and they have been absolutely reliable. They’ve never unseated on me even with 3psi riding at -30F or colder using Stans sealant. Spokes have stayed tensioned and perfectly true. They’ve taken a few hard hits and come away unscathed. I don’t worry about them, I just go and ride, adjusting my pressure to suit the conditions. I have no worries about my wheels leaving civilization for multiple days. They are light and make spinning a massive float wheel about as painless as possible. An expensive purchase but 100% worth it for the capabilities my bike gained in soft conditions and all others as well. I weigh 180lbs and am not the most finesse-full rider out there but their strength hasn’t been an issue for me. I ride a lot and definitely recommend these wheels."

Scott D. 11 / 2021

"These are excellent rims. I built them up as a backcountry wheel set for soft conditions in Alaska, paired with studded 4.6" 45Nrth Dillinger and Wrathchild tires. They have been flawless over two seasons now. They were a little difficult to tape due to the raised spoke nipples on the single wall, but clear Gorilla tape was stretchy enough to work ok. The tubeless tires seated fairly easily, and basically never lose air. I'm running Stan's sealant in case of punctures, but they hold air well even without sealant. Most importantly, they have been totally reliable and durable in cold, rough backcountry use. They can be run at very low pressure (~3 psi) in very low temperatures at -30F or colder without burping air, which is a big advantage over aluminum rims. My HED BAD wheels tend to unseat and leak air at low pressures and temperatures below about -10F, so I trust these Xyphias wheels much more for cold, remote riding."


  • Materials: Carbon Fibers
  • Type: Fat Bike / Beach Bike
  • Size: 26" / 27.5" / 29"
  • Warranty: 2 or 3 Years


  • Hubs DT350: Big Ride 15x150/12x197mm/ Onyx Vesper 15x150/12x197mm | J-Bend | 6-Bolt | Hub Body: Sram XD | Color: Black
  • Spokes Pillar: Aero PA 1423 | PSR X-Tra 1420 | Color: Black
  • Spokes Sapim: Aero | CX-Ray | D-Light | Race | Laser | Color: Black
  • Spokes DT Swiss: DT Competition | DT Competition Race | Color: Black
  • Nipples Sapim Brass: Polyax | Secure Lock | 14mm | 68.19g/64pcs | Color: Black
  • Nipples Sapim Aluminium: Polyax | Secure Lock | 14mm | 21.82g/64pcs | Color: Black, Red, Orange. Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver


  • application: Enduro / Snow / Sand / Dirt and more

About Tubeless Ready

  • Lighter: Since no tubeless tape wrapping on the Tubeless Ready wheels, the weight of Tubeless Ready wheel goes lighter than the weight of common wheel with tape wrapped;
  • Stronger: No holes drilling on rim bed (except valve holes) and the carbon fibers not being damaged, the rim bed would be kept integral and the strength increases;
  • Safe: Tubeless Ready wheels no risk of air leaking from the rim bed, the cycling stays safe and the journey could be longer than riding bike with common wheels.
  • Disadvantage: Needs professional maintaince in case of spoke breaking
  • Notes: Tubeless Ready wheels could also be mounted with tubes. Only Wild Dragon and Black Eagle series support Tubeless Ready type.

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