What is the Difference between Ultralight, Premium and Standard Edition Carbon Fiber Bicycle Rims

For all the Ultralight Edition rims and Premium Edition rims, we do make improvements over traditional-tech (Standard Edition)) carbon fiber bicycle rims.

1. Materials: T1000 carbon fiber added to some Ultralight Edition rims (NXT29UM27, NXT29UM30, NXT29UL32), and / or T800 carbon fiber added to Premium Edition rims;

2. Optimized the layup system mixing T700 & T800/T1000 carbon fibers after many times of producing, testing, producing and testing, found a best impact resistance over durability and tenacity.

3. We made a single mold to layer up the spoke bed wall. The flatness of rim channel surface significantly improved so that thickness at each spoke hole completely consistent. It effectively prevents the carbon loop of spoke hole wall from shifting;

4. Each of rim would be attached with a card showing the flatness and roundness. The flatness and roundness are controlled quite well. Flatness is controlled within  (+/-0.15mm), and oundness within +/-0.2mm, easier to tune when do wheelset assembly;

5. Three year warranty offered for Ultralight and Premium Edition rims.