Carbon Disc Wheel

Over the years, the field of road bicycles has been developing and changing, especially road bicycle wheels, which directly reflect the cyclists' adaptation to different riding conditions. 

NEXTIE always presents the best products to riders. In the years of 2023-2024, we have developed two ultra-light models of aero disc wheels, the classic model with internal width of 20mm and the wide model with internal width of 22mm.The lenticular disc sides provide extra speed in any crosswind, and the toroidal section near the tire reduces turbulence where the airflow leaves the wheel. 

Advantage of Wider Wheels

Wide rims mean riding lighter, smaller performance tires with cushiony, high air volume and firm surface grip. Rolling resistance is lower with wider tires. Cornering grip is greatly improved. Ride comfort is greatly increased.

Aerodynamic Optimized Design

Nowadays, aerodynamic performance is one of the key factors considered when racing cyclists purchase new equipment, as the aerodynamic drag is known to be the main source of losses in cycling. The aerodynamic optimization of bicycle wheels can lead to decisive gains in running pace. For all of our CRX carbon rims, they have an optimized cross section. Please also note that choosing an appropriately sized tire for an aerodynamically optimized rim is also crucial to reducing air resistance and increasing riding speed.

Tubeless-Compatible Design

Lower rolling resistance. By eliminating the inner-tube, the friction between tire and tube is also eliminated, allowing the tire roll, flex, and conform to the road with greater efficiency.

Flat less, ride more. Flat tires are a buzz-kill. With a little sealant you can eliminate nearly all flats that would have been caused by an intrusive thorn or piece of debris.

Run the Best Pressure. Tubeless means you can run the pressure you want to maximize comfort, traction, and rolling efficiency. Visit our tire pressure page to dial in your best tire pressure.