MTB Rims 29" Premium Edition (Symmetric)

The carbon fiber bicycle industry has been innovating and advancing all the time. Being lighter and stronger has always been the pursuit of the industry, especially for the mountain rims for XC (Cross Country) riding , where riders have extreme weight requirements.

In 2017 we first tried to use Toray T800 carbon fiber material and to improve the production process, reducing a weight of 60g for the 27mm and 30mm outer widths XC mountain rim, which is a huge improvement. In order to further meet the market's more performance needs and size preferences for light weight mountain rim, we redesigned the shape of ultralight mountain rims from the year 2020 to 2021, and added two more sizes of 32mm and 35mm, so we now have the current UM series. In pursuit of weight, we have maintained the improvement in product strength. The positive stiffness test on strength of the UM series has reached more than 80J, even the UM30 has achieved super-strong performance of 90J. Test report and Test videos, click here. TEST VIDEO LINK

The 35mm wide NXT29UM35 is available in two versions to meet the different needs of cycling. The ultra-light version weighs only 325g for XC and Marathon riding. The light version is 355g only for AM riding. The Ultralight Edition of mountain rims has also become our benchmark for mountain rims. They has been selling very well over the years.

NXT29UM27: 280g

NXT29UM30: 310g

NXT29UM32: 320g

NXT29UM35: 325 / 355g

The rims above are for cycling forms of XC, Marathon and Trail, among which, the NXT29UM35 model could be used for AM riding by being reinforced with extra carbon fibers.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain the continuous improvement in the performance of AM (All Mountain) carbon rims, we redesigned two models of AM-level rims in 2020. The new models are NXT29XM36 and NXT29XM41, which can be used for AM and Enduro riding. The inner width is specially designed to 30mm and 35mm, which mountain riders mostly prefer. They can be fully adapted to the current popular AM-level tires of about 2.15-2.7". In the upgrade of product raw materials, XM series are added Toray T800 carbon fibers. Also with the premium layer-up system applied, rims get lighter in weight and stronger in performance. Due to the updated production technology, the positive stiffness test on all the XM series has reached more than 110J, the Enduro version even reached more than 120J. Test report and Test videos, click here. TEST VIDEO LINK 

NXT29XM33: 375g

NXT29XM36: 420g

NXT29XM41: 455g

NXT29XM46: 470g

The rims above are for cycling forms of AM and Enduro.