MTB Rims Down Hill | 29" 27.5"

In 2016, for the first time we designed the Downhill special carbon fiber bicycle series rims. There are three sizes, 29-inch NXT29DH40, 27.5-inch NXT27DH40, and 26-inch NXT26DH40. This series (DH40) uses full T700 carbon fiber materials, the depth of the rim is 32mm, and the thickness of the rim lip is 4.5mm. This overbearing design makes the strength of the rim extremely high, and the tested positive stiffness reaches an astonishing 150J. Over the years, it has won the unanimous favor of DH riders, which leads to the result that this series has become a DH classic product.

NEXTIE Carbon Fiber Wheels for XC AM Enduro

With the continuous innovation and changes in the carbon fiber DH wheel market, DH riders have higher requirements for the weight and the riding comfort of Downhill rims. Therefore, in 2020 we designed an asymmetric DH rim series (XD39), the NXT29XD39 and NXT27XD39 models. The asymmetric design is conducive to balancing the spoke tension on the driving side and non-driving side of the wheelset, making the ride more stable. A mixture of T700+T800 carbon fiber materials is used to increase strength and reduce weight At the same time, the layer-up technology process has been improved, the depth of the rim can be reduced to 25mm. The shallower rim depth is beneficial to increase the toughness of the rim, and it will become more comfortable to ride.

NXT29XD39 (Premium Edition): 550g

NXT27XD39 (Premium Edition): 520g

The strength of XD39 series is slightly higher than the DH40 series, the impact test results in 160J. The test video link: XD39 RIM IMPACT TEST