Wild Dragon 90mm Tri-Spoke Carbon Wheelset

In 2016, with the continuous maturity and differentiation of the fatbike market, fatbike riders had new requirements for wild dragon. We appreciate the good suggestions put forward by every customer who loves our brand. This year, we developed the world's first carbon fiber tri-spoke fatbike wheel - wild dragon tri-spoke, which is still the unique carbon fiber tri-spoke fatbike wheel in the world.

In 2020, we continued to improve and make progress, and upgraded the Wild Dragon Tri-Spoke wheel equipped with high-end hubs: Wild Dragon Tri-Spoke with DT Swiss big ride hub was officially launched.

Going through the past 8 years, Wild Dragon is not only a classic product of NEXTIE, but also a benchmark of carbon fiber fatbike in the world. Though the field of fatbike is still not large, more than 3000 riders on six continents are riding Wild Dragon wheels, which is a proud achievement for us. One happy customer highly appreciated and said: NEXTIE is Fat Bike Wheel World Headquarters.

The tire size is recommended at 4.0" ~ 5.2" for 26" Wild Dragon (90mm) Wheels, and 3.8" ~ 5.0" for 27.5" Wild Dragon (85mm) Wheels. The tire pressure is recommended at 5 ~ 20 psi. 

Wheelset Weight Reference

2340g Wild Dragon 26" Tri-Spoke Wheelset (Assembled with DT350 Big Ride Hubs)

2460g Wild Dragon 27.5" Tri-Spoke Wheelset  (Assembled with DT350 Big Ride Hubs)

Design features

Extra wide options fit jumbo snow tires for extreme snow conditions while reducing rotating mass.

Wide 90mm or 85mm design is ideal for four-season trail riding with 3.8" to 5.2" wide tires.

The 40mm deep section of the Wild Dragon rims provides extra rigidity for more aggressive riders.

Providing a deep channel between the bead seats makes it easier to install and take off tires.

A compact bead socket locks tires in tightly for easy tubeless installation.

Aero-style rim profile (the triangle-like shape) sheds dirt and mud when conditions get rough.

(If you've ever packed wet snow between your spokes where it sticks to rim cutouts, you know how critical this feature can be)


Wild Dragon Photos