Road Rims Wave Models

in 2023, the wave-shaped road bike wheel has become a hot spot. We designed ans developed the new series of wave-shaped road rims. They depths are 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. For this new series, we added asymmetric design comcept. As we know, there is a great advantage of asymmetric rim. The force of spoke tension on drive side and non-drive side could be trued more balanced and even, which makes the wheel more stable.

These rims are developed at a very light weight. The 35mm model rim is only 360g. 

NXT35CRX-AW: 360g

NXT40CRX-AW: 375g

NXT45CRX-AW: 390g

NXT50CRX-AW: 405g

Meanwhile, to meet riders' needs for narrow carbon rims, we developed one, the profile drawing is as below. The internal width is 19mm, the weight is only 390g. 

NXT50WRX: 390g