[ Xiphias ] - Single Wall | 27.5" | 95mm 80mm 70mm 55mm

Two years after the release of the traditional model NXT26SW80 carbon rim since 2016, fatbike riders had new requirements for single-wall fatbike carbon rims, and hoped that we could make a single-wall rim that will not accumulate snow like NXT26SW80, so we continued to maintain the consistent spirit of developing new products, referring to Wild Dragon The design concept of triangular cross-section, combined with the development experience of single-wall fatbike rim, the year of 2018 saw the introduction of Xiphias single wall fat bike rims in 26 and 27.5 with widths from 65mm to 105mm, premium edition. That pretty much presented the fattest collection of fatbike wheels anywhere – as long as you're okay with carbon fiber! 

The year of 2020, giving a fast response to many customers request, a new member of Xiphias - 27.5" 70mm came. 

The year of 2021, Xiphias 27.5" 80mm and 55mm, 29" 55mm width carbon rims hit market. Now you have full range choices of Single-Wall Carbon Fiber Fatbike Wheels. 

[Xiphias series] (single wall):

27.5" 55mm: 430g

27.5" 70mm: 510g

27.5" 80mm: 580g

27.5" 95mm: 600g

The improvements of Premium Edition comparing to traditional-tech carbon rims.

1. Materials: T800 carbon fiber added to Premium Edition rims;

2. Optimized the layup system mixing T700 & T800 carbon fibers after many times of producing, testing, producing and testing, found a best impact resistance over durability and tenacity;

3. We made a single mold to layer up the spoke bed wall. The flatness of rim channel surface significantly improved so that thickness at each spoke hole completely consistent. It effectively prevents the carbon loop of spoke hole wall from shifting;

4. Each of rim would be attached with a card showing the flatness and roundness. The flatness and roundness are controlled quite well. Flatness is controlled within  (+/-0.15mm), and oundness within +/-0.2mm, easier to tune when do wheelset assembly;

5. Three year warranty offered for Premium Edition rims.

[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 55mm

[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 55mm

NXT27XS55 | 400g | Tire 2.7''~3.8''..

310 USD$
[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 70mm

[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 70mm

NXT27XS70 | 510g | Tire 3.0" + ..

330 USD$
[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 80mm

[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 80mm

NXT27XS80 | 580g | Tire 3.8" + ..

340 USD$
[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 95mm

[Xiphias] 27.5" Fat Rim 95mm

NXT27XS95 | 600g | Tire 3.8" +..

360 USD$
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