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NEXTIE Mission

Bringing carbon fiber innovation and cycling together to create better technology and value solutions for riders everywhere - on all kinds of bikes.

Brief Introduction

Since 2013, NEXTIE has been a group of cycling enthusiasts working to create a great company in southeastern China. We live and work in a great cycling community and have the opportunity to bring cutting edge carbon fiber technology to the world at reasonable prices. And we do it with the same joy we find in riding our bikes on the roads and trails of Xiamen, China.

We believe that our competitive advantage in the fast moving world of cycling technology is a combination of several things: 

  •  First of all, as cyclists we understand the importance of light and durable equipment. And there's nowhere that's more important than in your wheelset. We understand the differences between road and gravel, or trail and freeride. We've also pushed our bikes to the point where we know what it's like to break a spoke on the trail or snap a freehub pawl. 

  •  Secondly, we’ve got a high performance team that uses time tested product development practices and new technology to produce great products. We look at the challenges you face and figure out a way to make product that meets your needs. And let's face it, living in China we really understand the value of your hard earned “bike money.” Our gear has to be great, but at a reasonable price.

  •  The third way NEXTIE will lead the cycling industry is taking care of you, the customer. We want you to feel secure that your payment will result in getting exactly what you expected. Quickly. And if something goes wrong, be sure we will work with you to make it right, right away. Our reputation is in your hands and we do everything possible to earn your trust.

Visit us on Facebook @nextiebikes to get a feel for how NEXTIE wheels and components work on the road and trail. You can see real customer content as our products get thrashed, hucked, and spun up to podiums all around the world. It's great stuff.

Check out the rest of our official online stores at www.nextie.com and www.nextie.net to find all the great products we have today. Things change fast, so keep an eye out for the latest new releases as we continue to develop cutting edge new solutions in carbon fiber.


In 2013 we developed our first mold with the Wild Dragon 26" 90mm wide carbon fatbike rim. (https://www.nextie.com/fatbike-wild-dragon-90mm-NXT90WD) Ryan Melnyck of lbs bikes from Canada provided the initial design concept which we adapted to our carbon fiber processes. We were surprised at the success of this product and the passion fat bikers had for a lighter, stronger solution. Three thousand wheels later we have shipped to 6 of the 7 continents and are still going strong. (Maybe someone in Antarctica will order a set so we can go 7 for 7?) With valuable customer feedback coming in from that first product, we designed and launched the Black Eagle, Snow Dragon and many more innovations for fat bikers. 

2014 brought hookless rim standards. While this is a small change to the industry, it is a huge change for wheel builders. NEXTIE quickly responded with a series of MTB rims from 24 mm wide to the 50 mm Jungle Fox carbon mountain rims. While it was a challenging project to change designs so quickly, it proved to be the right decision for our riders. 

In 2015 riders and new bike designs created a need for asymmetric carbon rims. The Wild Cat 38mm rim was launched and has become a NEXTIE classic. Seeing a continuing need for asymmetric rims we added new widths in 28mm, 33mm, and 45mm. 

2016 was the year of the Crocodile MTB rims. This new design delivered significant weight reduction with equal, or better durability. It wasn't magic, but just smart design and better carbon fiber layup techniques as we grew our abilities in both areas.

2016 also saw the introduction of NEXTIE aero wheels for road bikes. (https://www.nextie.com/new-road-clincher) These fast rolling and stiff wheels were the design that brought NEXTIE to the forefront of high performance road bike wheels. 

A third major launch in 2016 was the Tri-Spoke carbon fiber fatbike wheels. (https://www.nextie.com/fatbike-wild-dragon-90mm-NXT90WD-tri-spoke) This worldwide exclusive combined the proven Wild Dragon rim design with the rigid carbon spoke concept. The tri-spoke Black Eagle fat bike wheels in 65 and 90 mm have been a unique product in the industry and set NEXTIE apart from the crowd as a bold innovator. Rigorous trail and snow testing by our customers has brought us extremely positive rider feedback on durability, ride quality, and even the ability to shed snow in difficult conditions.

2017 was a pivotal year for NEXTIE leadership in carbon fiber technology. Adding the ability to layup T800 carbon fiber for better rigidity and even lighter weight created new Ultralight edition MTB rims. This next generation technology once again put NEXTIE at the front of the pack in a very competitive category of the cycling industry.

2018 we realized that even the greatest carbon fiber wheels in the world had to connect better with customers to deliver the expected level of service. This started a series of upgrades to the website, our communications, and even simple things like delivering complete wheelsets. 

2018 also saw the introduction of a new series of Xiphias (Swordfish) single wall fat bike rims in 26 and 27.5 with widths from 65mm to 105mm. That pretty much gave NEXTIE the fattest collection of fatbike wheels anywhere – as long as you're okay with carbon fiber! 

As if that wasn't enough to keep our small team of enthusiasts busy, we added a series of Gravel Grinder wheels to our collection in 2018. We kept hearing about this new phenomenon, but had no idea how big it really was at first. Now we hope to see NEXTIE logos rolling up to the podiums at Dirty Kanza, the Boulder Roubaix, or gravel Fondos around the world. (Send pictures!)

2019 is the year of the road bike rim innovation. New research on a molded-in braking surface has yielded improvements to braking performance. The data indicates a major step up in real world performance from basalt, high TG, or graphene braking surfaces. NEXTIE is at the cutting edge of this innovation. 

And if you're going to build the best wheels in the world, they have to look the best as well. So 2019 has brought upgrades to the logos and finishing processes for NEXTIE wheels. We think they now look as good as they feel on your bike.

2020 road bike improvement never stops. Wider wheels are prefered by more riders. We developed a series of the widdest road bike rims, the internal width is 25mm. We call this series "All Road" series. Plus, for mountain carbon rims, we developed another two Down Hill special rims, and several other lightest mountain carbon rims for XC or AM use. 

2021 more different width of single wall fat bike rims are still pursued by riders. To meet riders cycling needs, we developed 55mm, 70mm and 80mm width Xiphias single fat carbon rims. Larger size got required this year, we developed 36" size wheel. This is the biggest size of carbon wheel around the world. It brings new riding experience for more riders. 

We know the only constant in cycling is change, and we welcome the challenge every day. Every time we hear from another happy customer, or get a picture of a cool bike with NEXTIE wheels, we are energized to keep raising the bar. 

Thank you for hanging out with us! See you on the trail…

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Let us know what you're thinking! We are a long way from most of you out there and really need your feedback to make sure we do the right thing. Whether you have product feedback, customer service requests, or even bicycle industry business inquires, just let us know. Please send your email to info@nextie.com