What is Free Coating Manufacturing process?

What is Free Coating Manufacturing (FCM) process? 

Free Coating Manufacturing process is a newly developed process on manufacturing rims, which applies on rims with special epoxy resin between carbon fibers, no sanding and no finish coating (matte or glossy finish) on rim surface. 

Advantages of FCM process:

1. Environment-friendly

    Because of reducing the process of sanding (which causes dusts) and finish coating (which has pungent smell) on rim surface, it's friendly to environment. 

2. Scratch resistance

    The resin of FCM process rim performances a better scratch resistance than rim prayed finish coating. 

As the picture shown as below. Left rim is in FCM process, right rim is in normal process.


1. Not good looking

   Because no sanding and finish coating processed on a rim, and resin is slight yellow color, the rim with FCM process does not so good looking as rim with normal process.

2. Rate of best products is low;

   Because each FCM process rim has to be made flawless nearly perfect, the rate of best product is not high. It takes higher cost and longer time for manufacture a FCM process rim. 

It's our new try to develop rims with FCM process, we have been successfully applied this process on our Ultralight Edition rims. www.nextie.com/premium-mountain-29 

While, to thank for customers' support on environmental protection, we make each rim USD10 cheaper on retail price.