Ultralight Edition Carbon Mountain Bike Rims Release

Ultralight Edition Carbon Mountain Bike Rims Release

We have 3 types of ultralight carbon mountain bike rims to release:

Width in 27mm, 30mm and 32mm.

The profile drawings are as below:

29" 27mm rim model is NXT29UL27, weight is only 280g.

29" 30mm rim model is NXT29UL30, weight is 310g.

29" 32mm rim model is NXT29UL32, weight is 320g.

27mm and 32mm rims are symmetric, 30mm rim is asymmetric.

We use 30% T1000 carbon fiber + 70% T700 carbon fiber materials to manufacture these ultralight rims, specially design the layer-up system.

T1000 is a very expensive materials, it's usually used in military project. The stiffness/rigidity is much higher than T700 or T800, and very light. While, relatively the tenacity is not as good as T700.

So we choose T700 + T1000 carbon fiber to manufacture the ultralight rims. Plus, the spoke holes wall is designed with single point reinforced, good to decrease weight while keeping the strength enough. 

Concerning the tests, as below, it's the test result of spoke tension and positive break on NXT29UL27.

The spoke tension test reached 330KGF. (Test pass standard is 220KGF)

The positive break test reached 270KG when it broke.