Unicorn 36" Rim

NEXTIE always loves to try new things! 36" wheel is an important step for us to set foot in a new field.  

In the past decades, unicycles have been equipped with aluminum wheels. We hopes to do something to promote the development of unicycle, improving the unicycling experience. What we are good at is to make the wheels lighter and stronger. We named this innovative item "Unicorn".

On the advices of our loyal fans, in May 2021 we NEXTIE tried to developed our first 36" carbon fiber rim, which is also the very first 36" carbon rim domestically. This brand new product won wide attention of unicycle field and the reliable quanlity gained highly appreciation from unicycle riders.

To meet different customers' needs for varies tires and cycling forms, we developed two versions: hooked and hookless. 

Though this is a rim for UNI-cycle, it could also be used for BI-cycle with 36" wheels. 

Besides, we have published a description of 36 inch tires for Unicorn, please refer to https://www.nextie.com/36-inch-tire-fitted