Lightweight, Strong and Durable Mountain Bicycle Carbon Fiber Rims and Wheels

The carbon fiber bicycle industry has been innovating and advancing all the time. Being lighter and stronger has always been the pursuit of the industry, especially for the mountain rims for XC (Cross Country) riding , where riders have extreme weight requirements.

We offer carbon mountain bicycle rims in different sizes and widths, to suit different riding forms such as XC (cross country), AM (all mountain), Enduro, DH (down hill) and more.

NEXTIE Carbon Fiber Wheels for XC AM Enduro

In particular, we have made lightweighting for XC carbon rims. The weights of XC 29" rims are around 300-330g. We also specially developed DH carbon rims. The weight of 29" DH rim is around 550g. In addition, in order to meet the ultimate customer's pursuit of rim weight, we recently developed the Vista version of the 280g mountain rim, which is the lightest rim we have ever made with an inner width of 30mm.

To adapt to any kind of riding conditions, you can always find the right rims in NEXTIE.

Learn Our Mountain Bicycle Carbon Rims from Trail Sage's Introduction. VIDEO