MTB Rims 29" Ultralight (Symmetric)

For the XC racers, recently (May 2020) we NEXTIE developed two innovative ultralight MTB rims, specially for XC Mountain Bike racing. 

We redesigned the profile of 27mm width rim NXT29UM27 and 30mm NXT29UM30, drawing internal width and rim depth in same size, which is proved to be best engineering profile, not only keep these XC rims in high stiffness, but consider the weight as light as possible.

T1000 carbon fibers are composed to these two new types of rims, which materials proved to be super and fantastic performance in the past nearly 3 years. We are proud of these two new designed Ultralight rims, racing level for XC cycling. 

Test report and Test videos, click here. TEST VIDEO LINK

NXT29UM27: 280g

NXT29UM30: 310g

NXT29UM32: 320g

NXT29UM35: 325g / 355g

MTB Rims 29" Ultralight (Asymmetric)

NXT29UML30: 290g

NXT29UML34: 310g

NXT29XMA35: 325g