MTB Rims 29" Standard Edition

In 2015 we designed and developed the RM27, RM30, AM35 and AM40 series of carbon fiber mountain rims. These four mountain rims incorporate aerodynamic design concepts, which are beautiful in appearance and extremely strong. While, because of its unique rounded design, it is difficult to reduce the weight. Nonetheless, they have remained a user favorite mountain rims over the years and have become a classic mountain rim range of NEXTIE's. 

Based on the design shape of AM40, we developed a DH series mountain rim with an unprecedented rim lip thickness of 4.5mm. For more information about the DH series, click link: Mountain-Down-Hill

In the same year, when users had a new demand for the width of mountain rims, expecting a wider mountain rim to install 3.0" or wider tires, we developed the Jungle Fox series. The designe of Jungle Fox series borrowed from Black Eagle rim design concept, the cross section is a stable support structure of a triangle, this design has great support for the strength of the ultra-wide rim. In the second year, we improved the Jungle Fox and increased the thickness of the rim lip to 3.5mm, the strength is further improved. The performance and aesthetics have reached an unprecedented fusion. Thus Jungle Fox II has become the most classic Plus mountain bike rim series.

NXT29RM27: 365g

NXT29RM30: 390g

NXT29AM35: 445g

NXT29AM40: 475g

NXT29JF52-II: 530g

NXT29DH40: 590g

The RM series, AM series and Jungle Fox series have become the proud products of NEXTIE, they give us great confidence to design stronger and lighter carbon fiber mountain wheels and to promote the progress of the industry.