[A Letter to Customer] About Production, Shipping and Service during Global Covid-19 Virus

[A Letter to Customer] About Production, Shipping and Service during Global Covid-19 Virus

Dear customers,

Hope you and your family are safe and healthy when you read this letter, as the known COVID-19 Virus has spread severely and widely all over the world. Kindly sugguest to keep away from crowds, preventing from infections. 

Here we were to indicate that our production line has always been normal and smooth.

In China here, most industries have restarted since no local new infections emerges with effective control measures, and only some imported effections from oversea occurred but well controlled right at the airports, all passengers being forced to take quarantine for 14days in certain hotels.

Even so, still do our team try the best to protect ourselves, wearing masks everyday, taking body temperature everyday by safety guidlines. Our team keeps safe and healthy, and has been always ready to offer service in the level of quanlity, responsiveness and support. 

While, because of the terrible global virus spread, EMS international flights have ceased from now, but the commercial expresses like FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT are still doing normal to run, merely maybe a bit delay of a few more days. So, we could export all products to oversea normally, not to worry too much about shipping if an order is placed, unless no delivery at destination. The good news is that global free shipping continues to offer till 31st May 2020.

We sincerely hope for a good heath for all the people of the world and people would keep away from the severe virus. So if any customer needs medical supplies like face masks, just feel free to contact us by email, we'll try our best to help. Wish we get through the hard time all together.

Stay safe please, everyone!

All the best,