Vista Edition MTB Carbon Wheelset

NEXTIE offers a full line of custom bike carbon rims for mountain bicycle wheels, providing tailor-made solutions to meet your specifications. We have years of experience in wheel-building, and we cater to the needs of each customer. In our inventory, we offer different sizes carbon fiber mountain bicycle rims. 

At NEXTIE, we build each wheel with precision and care, you can be confident that you are getting a high quality custom bicycle wheelset when you buy from us. 

If you are interested in customzing your bike with new and stylish rims, the experts at NEXTIE are ready to make your bike look great and improve your preformance on the trails. We have been serving the cycling community since 2013, and all our custom bike rims are made here in China. 

Carbon Bicycle Wheel Assembly Mountain Bicycles

Wheelset Weight: 

1000g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT180 hubs + Carbon Spokes Oval + Alloy Nipples

1022g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT180 hubs + Carbon Spokes Aero + Alloy Nipples

1112g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT180 hubs + Sapim CX Ray + Alloy Nipples

1040g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT240 Hubs + Carbon Spokes Oval + Alloy Nipples

1062g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT240 Hubs + Carbon Spokes Aero + Alloy Nipples

1152g : Alpha NXT29VM35U + DT240 hubs + Sapim CX Ray + Alloy Nipples

Carbon Mountain Rims

Alpha NXT29VM35U Carbon Rims, Vista Edition, 280g.

Omega NXT29VM37U Carbon Rims, Vista Edition, 285g.

This rim could be used for XC (Cross Country), Marathon and Trail riding. The tire size for this model of rim is recommended at 1.95" ~ 2.75". The tire pressure is recommended at 30 ~ 60 psi. 


DT Swiss 180 / 240 EXP.


Carbon Spoke NXTCS02 2.3g/pcs (270mm)

Carbon Spoke NXTCS03 2.6g/pcs (270mm)

Spokes Sapim CX-Ray 4.25g/pcs (260 mm) 


Sapim Polyax (Secure Lock, 14mm) Alloy in color black, red, orange, gold, blue, green, purple, pink, silver and more;

Tubeless Ready Wheels

Carbon Fiber Wheelset Tubeless Ready

Advantage 1 - Lighter: Since no tubeless tape wrapping on the Tubeless Ready wheels, the weight of Tubeless Ready wheel goes lighter than the weight of common wheel with tape wrapped; 

Advantage 2 - Stronger: No holes drilling on rim bed (except valve holes) and the carbon fibers not being damaged, the rim bed would be kept integral and the strength increases; 

Advantage 3 - Safe: Tubeless Ready wheels no risk of air leaking from the rim bed, the cycling stays safe and the journey could be longer than riding bike with common wheels. 

Disadvantage: Needs professional maintaince in case of spoke breaking

Note: Tubeless Ready wheels could also be mounted with tubes.