The New 240 Hub with Ratchet DEG

The New 240 Hub with Ratchet DEG

Posted by: Brian Hsia Post: 11/05/2024

The patent pending Ratchet DEG System was designed by taking a different angle than the common high engagement freehub systems, to deliver a smaller engagement angle and maximized reliability. The simultaneous full engagement of the ratchets provides a larger contact patch than pawl hubs and thus a more balanced load distribution, resulting in higher reliability.

Two enlarged ratchets with 90 teeth offer the smallest engagement angle ever made in the DT Swiss portfolio: 4º. On the trail, this transmits into a different angle in the backlash. The small idle distance at the cranks allows for more direct acceleration, like out of corners, as well as the possibility to adjust the pedal position faster, like when overcoming obstacles on a technical uphill trail.

Optimized Hub 90t Ratchets

Achieving a different engagement angle from what DT Swiss has done to date required a major adaptation to the drive side of the hub. The Ratchet DEG system and its new hub body allow the installation of size-optimized 90-tooth ratchets.

High Reliability

Made of steel, the DEG ratchets are bigger than all the previous DT Swiss ratchets and aim to transmit the power of even the strongest riders for a long time and across a large contact surface.

Easier Serviceability System

The innovative construction of the Ratchet DEG hub allows bearing replacement without special tools, as the threaded ring does not have to be removed.

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