Vista Edition MTB Carbon Rims

Innovation and breakthrough, we never stop.

We already have two editions of carbon fiber bicycle rims: the Standard Edition for entry-level and the Premium Edition for professional level. With the experience of manufactuing carbon fiber products, we found that the performance of carbon fiber materials and the production technology on carbon fiber rims are still full of deep exploration and breakthrough. Lightness, strength and high efficiency have always been our pursuit, we want to explore the limit. We were considering, trying different model designs, different stacking manufacturing techniques or different materials to build carbon fiber rims, what difference of riding experience will it bring? In the continuous exploration, new horizons were discovered indeed, so we named the new edition Vista Edition. The Vista Edition was created to explore the performance and weight limits of carbon fiber materials applied to bicycle wheels. You may also consider it as an exploration edition. 

In fact in 2022, we had already released the Vista Edition but only provided to our dealers or distributors for local sale and promotion. In the past year, we developed 4 models of Vista Edition MTB carbon rims: NXT29VM33, NXT29VM35, NXT29VM38 and NXT27VM38. These rims are made lighter and stronger than the Premium Edition MTB rims, with very few competitors. The impact test video: TEST VIDEO

In spring of 2023 we released the Alpha NXT29VM30U (TEST VIDEO) and the Omega NXT29VM37U (TEST VIDEO) . Under the premise of ensuring sufficient strength, these two products have once again refreshed the weight limit of mountain bicycle rims, they are only 255g and 285g. Both products can withstand the drop hammer damage test of up to 70J impact without tires mounted, which is extremely outstanding. We do not disclose a detailed introduction to the stacking technology innovation, carbon fiber materials or resin materials of the Vista Edition, the reality performance is the best explanatio.

In autumn of 2023, we release the latest model of Alpha NXT29VM35U, it's for Cross Country. The weight comes out only 280g. (TEST VIDEO

In the future, we will continue to explore, innovate and make breakthroughs, and play our respective advantages with other brands to bring better carbon fiber products to more cyclists.