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  • Color: Any colors in Pantone Color Chart are supported


  • Note-1: How to apply the decals: 1. Spray epoxy resin clear coating on sanded rims; 2. Put the rims into baking house which has temperature of 85c then bake them for 45 minutes. 3. Take out the rims, place the decals into water, peel off the decals (with thin film), then apply decals on rims and position; 4. Smoothly squeegee off the excess water 5. Bake the rims again, still 85c, for another 45 minutes; 6. Remove the Rims peel the thin film over decals; 7. Spray last clear coating (matte of glossy finish paint as you prefer) 8. Bake the rims the last time, still 85c, but 70 minutes; 9. Done. How to remove decals: 1. Get rim sanded by 400-800 grit sand paper till the decals is removed. 2. Spray clear coating (matte of glossy finish paint as you prefer) 3. Bake the rims in temperature of 85c for 70 minutes.
  • Note-2: The decals are not stickers. It's a kind of colored ink which applied under finish painting/clear coating. So, once the decals are applied on rims or carbon fibers, they can not be removed normally, unless you use sand paper to sand off the decals, which would also remove the clear coating. If there is not a professional painting workshop who could help locally, it's not suggest that customers apply or remove the decals by themselves.

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NEXTIE-DL Custom Color Decals Custom Color Decals

Support Pantone Colors

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