Road Rims CRX Series 28mm

Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C Rims | New Series in depths 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 55mm 60mm and 65mm | Textured Brake Track. Wider road rims, a new series, better for cyclocross riding. We developed 8 types. We devote ourselves to making Premium Lite edition,  much lighter, 3 years warranty.

NXT30CRX: 370g

NXT35CRX: 380g

NXT40CRX: 390g

NXT45CRX: 400g

NXT50CRX: 420g

NXT55CRX: 450g

NXT60CRX: 475g

NXT65CRX: 490g

We provide two types of braking surface for V-Brake road bike rims: Knife mark and Grid. If not specified, the V-brake road rim defaults to Knife mark type.