Presentation of Wild Dragon Mark II 26x90mm Carbon Fat Rim

Presentation of Wild Dragon Mark II 26x90mm Carbon Fat Rim

The Wild Dragon 90mm fat rim is officially upgraded to Mark II. We are proud to release it.

Now and then, we were asked what are the differences between Mark I and Mark II. Here we present them.

For Mark II rim, we kept the main structure design of Mark I Wild Dragon rim -- aero shape and triangle cross-section, same dimension. It's just two parts were redesigned to improve the performance.

1) The new rim hook was changed a bit more straight, as drawings shown as below.

The advantage is to fit tire edge more tightly, also it would be better to prevent the tire from air leaking when it's used for running tubeless.


2) The other update is the rim bed depth. Comparing with Mark I's 19.5mm, Mark II's rim bed depth was updated a bit shallower, 16.5mm.

After our re-calculation, so deep the rim bed is not quite necessary. We found 16.5mm is a highly appropriate depth to work for mounting any tires to mount.By this change, not only did the rim weight decrease, but also the triangle structure got more stable, lateral stiffness increased.

Basic info:

Test report:

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