[Update 2024.03] 1.8g Top Lightweight: World's Lightest Bicycle Spokes

[Update 2024.03] 1.8g Top Lightweight: World's Lightest Bicycle Spokes

Posted by: Brian Hsia Post: 17/04/2024

Carbon fiber spokes are not new. In the early days, they only appeared in the Tour de France due to their difficult production technology and costly price restrictions. Now after many years of R&D, the production technology of carbon fiber spokes has made great breakthroughs, and carbon fiber spokes have been gradually popularized.

Chasing stuff lighter, stronger and more efficient has always been the quest of professional cyclists. As a brand that mainly develops and produces carbon fiber bicycle wheels, it has always been our duty to continuously improve the performance of the bicycle wheels. The performance of the spokes also plays an important role in the overall performance of a bicycle wheel. Hereby we introduce something about our carbon fiber bicycle spokes.

We currently offer two models of carbon fiber spokes, Oval NXTCS02 and Aero NXTCS03, with slight differences in weight, strength and performance. If you prefer a lighter wheel, you may choose the Oval model spokes. If you prefer a more wind-breaking wheel, you may choose the Aero model. 

Update: In the year of 2024, we developed the world's lighteset bicycle spoke -- NXTCS05 carbon fiber spoke.

Carbon Fiber Spokes NEXTIE Bicycle for Mountain, Gravel, Road

The weight of Oval NXTCS05 spoke is only 1.8g (270mm). The body of the spoke is made of carbon fibers. The materials of the spoke head is titanium alloy. These carbon spokes are straight pull and compatible with most of straight pull bicycle hubs over the market. While due to the poor ductility or flexibility of carbon fiber spokes, they are only recommended to use for road, gravel and mountain XC riding. The profile drawing of spoke NXTCS05 is as below.

nextie carbon fiber spoke the lightest spoke over the world only 1.8g

The Advantages of Carbon Fiber Spokes

1. Ultralight.

The Oval spoke NXTCS05 weighs just 1.8g (270mm) . Compared with the current popular alloy spokes, such as Sapim CX-Ray 4.25g (260mm) and DT Competition 5.97g (264mm) (data from the Internet). Obviously, the weight of the carbon fiber spokes is remarkable.

2. High Intensity.

The tensile strength of Oval NXTCS05 reaches 3245N (331KG) respectively, compared to other alloy spokes, such as Sapim CX-Ray 3168N (323KG) (data from the Internet), the carbon fiber spokes are stronger.

3. Excellent Rigidity.

Carbon fiber spokes are great because they are of excellet rigidity. In general race, stronger explosive power directly affects the reaction force. The high rigidity of carbon fiber spokes could provide powerful explosive force, so that the power of hub rotation can be quickly reflected onto the wheels, which leads to achieve more efficient acceleration and to save start-up and reaction time. This is a huge advantage in a competition.

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