[Update 2023.09] Alpha 35: 280g Carbon Rim for Mountain Cross-Country

[Update 2023.09] Alpha 35: 280g Carbon Rim for Mountain Cross-Country

Posted by: Brian Hsia Post: 17/04/2024

The carbon fiber bicycle industry has been innovating and advancing all the time. Being lighter and stronger has always been the pursuit of the professional bicycle industry, especially for the mountain rims for XC (Cross Country) riding , where riders have extreme weight requirement. The Vista Edition was created to explore the performance and weight limits of carbon fiber materials applied to bicycle wheels.

When designing and developing the Vista Edition Alpha 35 rim, we tried to use different modulus carbon fiber materials and to apply a new stacking manufacturing technology. It brings an ultralight weight XC mountain bike rim, which weight is only 280g. Comparing to the premium edition rim like NXT29UM30 which is 310g, the Alpha 35 rim is so much lighter. Here we do not make detailed public introductions to the materials and the stacking manufacturing techniques.

In the impact test without a tire mounted, the strength of the Alpha 35 reached 80J, which has already passed the test standard of the Premium Edition XC mountain rim. The specific impact test video can be watched here TEST VIDEO

This rim could be used for XC (Cross Country), Marathon and Trail riding. The tire size for this model of rim is recommended at 1.95" ~ 2.75". The tire pressure is recommended at 25 ~ 45 psi. 

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