[Update 2023.04] Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm: the Widest Carbon Bicycle Rim around the World

[Update 2023.04] Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm: the Widest Carbon Bicycle Rim around the World

Posted by: Brian Hsia Post: 17/04/2024

This should be the widest carbon bicycle rim around the world —— Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm.

We thought the Xiphias 105mm rim had been compatible enough for the biggest tires currently on the market. But according to the needs of one of our loyal customer fans, who is a fat-bike enthusiast, the Xiphias 105mm is still not wide enough, especially for the ground with very thick snow. Wider rims are much more beneficial. In the end of year 2022, we decided to design and to develop the world's widest carbon bicycle rim - the Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm. Even though it's an extremely niche product, we would like to push the boundaries of carbon fiber cycling if one product could meet the needs of our wide range of customers from all the world.

NEXTIE 128mm Carbon Fat Bike Wheel Rim Drunken Rhinoceros

Now we have made another breakthrough by developing Drunken Rhinoceros 128mm rim, which used the classic design structure of the Wild Dragon, ensuring extremely high strength, making it more suitable for wider tires. This is another proud product that we make. Drunken Rhinoceros rim would bring different and much better experience to our customers in the fat bike cycling. 

The tire size for this model of rim is recommended at 5.0" ~ 6.0". The tire pressure is recommended at 3 ~ 15 psi. 

Design features

Extraly wide options fit jumbo snow tires for extreme snow conditions while reducing rotating mass.

Wide 128mm design is ideal for four-season trail riding with 5.0" to 6.0" wide tires.

The 45mm deep section of the Drunken Rhinoceros rim provides extra rigidity for more aggressive riders.

Providing a deep channel between the bead seats makes it easier to install and take off tires.

A compact bead socket locks tires in tightly for easy tubeless installation.

Aero-style rim profile (the triangle-like shape) sheds dirt and mud when conditions get rough.

(If you've ever packed wet snow between your spokes where it sticks to rim cutouts, you know how critical this feature can be)


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