[Update 2022.08] Three Models of 6-Spoke Carbon Wheelset: Mountain & Gravel

[Update 2022.08] Three Models of 6-Spoke Carbon Wheelset: Mountain & Gravel

Posted by: Brian Hsia Post: 17/04/2024

Over the years, NEXTIE has been committed to making the best carbon fiber bicycle wheels, especially the continuous improvement of mountain wheels, which has been recognized and favored by many fan customers from all over the world.

There have been constant suggestions from customers whether we could develop an Integrated mountain wheelset. We love to listen to riders and develop the products they love. After months of research, development and testing, now we release a total of three 6-spoke bicycle wheelsets:: two mountain wheelsets NXT27XM36-6S and NXT29XM36-6S, and one gravel wheelset NXT40CGX-6S. The profile drawings and information of these products are as follows.

The spokes of these three wheelsets are all aerodynamically designed, which can effectively break the wind and reduce the riding resistance when riding. The wheels can all be equipped with DT350 or DT240 hubs. Especially, the mountain 6-spoke wheelset can be equipped with our newly developed self-owned brand hub Rollingstar. For more information about Rollingstar hubs, please check the page: www.nextie.com/rollingstar-hubs-boost. Currently, the mountain wheelsets can only be used for XC, Marathon and Trail riding, not suitable for AM or Enduro cycling.

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