Over the years, the field of road bicycles has been developing and changing, especially road bicycle wheels, which directly reflect the cyclists' adaptation to different riding conditions.

For example, the width needs to be wider to ride more comfortably, and the design needs to be more wind-resistant to ride more quickly. NEXTIE has also been continuously developing and adapting to the needs of customers. In order to meet different riding needs, we design road carbon rims with inner widths from 18mm to 24mm and rim heights from 30mm to 65mm. We developed RX series (18mm internal width), CRX series (21mm internal width) and ARX series (24mm internal width).

Quality is what we have always guaranteed. Rigidity and deflection control are the basic points to measure the quality of a road rim. We have always controlled the deflection of premium edition road rims within 0.2mm. This is a very high accurary.

We know customers require for certification. In September 2021, we got UCI approval for our road rim. Learn more about the UCI Approval: UCI-APPROVAL