Tax Pre-Paid (TPP)

What is Tax Pre-Paid (TPP)?

Tax Pre-Paid (TPP) is a shipping method that the customs duties and taxes are pre-paid before the packages are delivered, which saves time and tedious tariff process for customers. 

Which countries support TPP?

18 Europe countries are supported so far:

France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria,  Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy,  Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Finland, United Kingdom, Monaco

Hong long it takes for shipping by TPP? 

Usually it takes 1-3 weeks for shipping, according to how crowed the transportation is. 

Like, 1-2 weeks from May to October, 2-3 weeks from November to April.

How does TPP work?

1. Packages ships to UK, and do customs clearance in UK;

2. Shipping from UK to other Europe countries by UPS locally.

Btw, contact us if your country is not listed above and you'd like to save customs duties and taxes.