Tax Pre-Paid (TPP)

What is Tax Pre-Paid (TPP)?

Tax Pre-Paid (TPP) is a shipping method that the customs duties and taxes are pre-paid before the packages are delivered, which saves time and tedious tariff process for customers. 

Which countries support TPP?

18 Europe countries are supported so far:

France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria,  Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy,  Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Finland, United Kingdom, Monaco, USA (Alaska and Hawaii are excluded).

Hong long it takes for shipping by TPP? 

Usually it takes 1-3 weeks for shipping, according to how crowed the transportation is. 

Like, 1-2 weeks from May to October, 2-3 weeks from November to April.

How does TPP work?

1. Packages ships to UK or US first, and do customs clearance in UK or US;

2. Packages ships from UK to other Europe countries by UPS locally.

Btw, contact us if your country is not listed above and you'd like to save customs duties and taxes.