MTB Rims 29" Premium Edition

For the XC racers, recently (May 2020) we NEXTIE developed two innovative ultralight MTB rims, specially for XC Mountain Bike racing. We redesigned the profile of 27mm width rim NXT29UM27 and 30mm NXT29UM30, drawing internal width and rim depth in same size, which is proved to be best engineering profile, not only keep these XC rims in high stiffness, but consider the weight as light as possible. T1000 carbon fibers are composed to these two new types of rims, which materials proved to be super and fantastic performance in the past nearly 3 years. We are proud of these two new designed Ultralight rims, racing level for XC cycling. Test report and Test videos, click here.  TEST VIDEO LINK 

NXT29XM24U: 260g

NXT29UM27: 280g

NXT29UM30: 310g

NXT29UM32: 320g

NXT29UM35: 355g

Meanwhile, to keep improving in aspect of All Mountain level, we renewed two types of AM level carbon rims. The new models are NXT29XM36 and NXT29XM41, for the AM and Enduro cyclings. Internal width are specially designed as loved 30mm and 35mm, for much more fittable tires in accordingly ranges. Surely to make rim in high strength, T800 carbon fiber added, and we used premium layer-up system to compose these rims, though more complicated, but worthy. Additionally, we also renewed the production technology. The test results showed a higher level strength. Test report and Test videos, click here.  TEST VIDEO LINK 

NXT29XM36: 420g

NXT29XM41: 455g

NXT29XM46: 470g

MTB Rims 27.5" Premium Edition

For the XC Racers, NEXTIE provide two types of super light carbon fiber rims in widths of 27mm, 30mm in 27.5" size which we devoted ourselves to design, update layer-up systems and times tests, coming out high-performance products. The profile drawings are shown as below this:


NXT27XM27U: 260g

NXT27XM30U: 290g

For the AM and Enduro , NEXTIE offers 4 types in premium edition, profile drawings shown as below: 

NXT27XM33: 350g

NXT27XM36: 400g

NXT27XM41: 430g

NXT27XM46: 450g

For all the Ultralight Edition rims and Premium Edition rims, certainly we do improvements over traditional-tech carbon rims.

1. Materials: T1000 carbon fiber added to Ultralight Edition rims (NXT29UM27, NXT29UM30, NXT29UL32), and T800 carbon fiber added to Premium Edition rims;

2. Optimized the layup system mixing T700 & T800/T1000 carbon fibers after many times of producing, testing, producing and testing, found a best impact resistance over durability and tenacity.

3. We made a single mold to layer up the spoke bed wall. The flatness of rim channel surface significantly improved so that thickness at each spoke hole completely consistent. It effectively prevents the carbon loop of spoke hole wall from shifting;

4. Each of rim would be attached with a card showing the flatness and roundness. The flatness and roundness are controlled quite well. Flatness is controlled within  (+/-0.15mm), and oundness within +/-0.2mm, easier to tune when do wheelset assembly;

5. Three year warranty offered for Ultralight and Premium Edition rims.

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 24mm

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 24mm

NXT29XM24U | 260g | Tire 1.25"~1.95"..

209 USD$
[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 27mm

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 27mm

NXT29UM27 | 280g | Tire 1.5"~2.1"..

229 USD$
[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 30mm

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 30mm

NXT29UM30 | 310g | Tire 1.75"~2.2"..

239 USD$
[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 32mm

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 32mm

NXT29UM32 | 320g | Tire 1.75"~2.25"..

239 USD$
[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 35mm

[Ultralight] 29" MTB Rim 35mm

NXT29UM35 | 325g / 355g | Tire 2.1"~2.75"..

249 USD$
[Unicorn] 36" MTB Rim 42mm

[Unicorn] 36" MTB Rim 42mm

NXT36XU42 | 620g | Tire 2.3''~3.2''..

398 USD$
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