[Xiphias] 26" Carbon Fat Bike Rim 95mm

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  • [Xiphias] 26" Carbon Fat Bike Rim 95mm


Fat bikes are quite similar to regular bikes, but have much wider rims and larger tires that provide enough support to ride on the snow or sand. Fat bike is especially suitable for winter cycling. With wide tires, you could easily float on top of the snow and make your way through the winter.

This single wall carbon fiber fat bike rim NXT26XS95 was designed and developed in 2019. After the Xiphias 65mm, 85mm and 105mm rim were developed in the years between 2016-2018, riders required a compromised width between 85mm and 105mm for their fat bikes to mount 5.0" tires. Therefore, we developed this model, the Xiphias 95mm, which fits the best  It's super light, onlg 585g. Its design concept refers to our well-known Wild Dragon double wall fat bike rim. It is strong due to the stable construction of triangular cross-section. The profile drawing is as below.

The tire size for this model of rim is recommended at 4.2" ~ 5.5". The tire pressure is recommended at 5 ~ 15 psi. 

Design features

Width 95mm fits more forms of cycling and keeps riding in great stability;

Deep channel would help you easily install and take off a tire;

Small bead socket could lock tire tightly and help run tubeless perfectly;

Aero roof surface (triangle-like shape) could easily shed the dirt or mud, better to release weight during cycling;

Section of triangle's inherent feature of stability on rim design keeps rim in strong performance.

What’s in the Box

Carbon Rim(s)


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  • Name: Xiphias (Single Wall)
  • Code: NXT26XS95
  • Rim Type: Fat Bike (Clincher, Hookless)
  • Materials: Toray T700+T800 Carbon Fiber (Premium Edition)
  • Tubeless Compatible: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Years


  • Size: 26"
  • Axial Direction Angle: 8 degree
  • BSD (Bead Seated Diameter): 559mm
  • ERD (Effective Rim Diameter): 544mm
  • External Width: 95mm
  • Radial Direction Angle: 6 degree
  • Rim Height: 18.5
  • Weight: 585g
  • Valve Hole Diameter: 6.5mm (Presta)
  • Spoke Holes Diameter: 4.5mm
  • Spoke Holes Offset: +/-5mm
  • Assembly Hole Diameter: 7.5mm


  • Spoke Tension: 80~130kgf
  • Tire Size: 4.2" ~ 5.5"
  • Spoke Nipple Length: 14mm
  • Tire Pressure: 5-15psi
  • Load Limit (One Wheel): 120kg


  • Weave: UD / 12K
  • Finish: Matte / Glossy


  • application: Enduro / Snow / Sand / Dirt and more

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