26" 27.5" and 29" Fat Bike Carbon Fiber Rims, Wheels, Frameset and More

Fat bikes are quite similar to regular bikes, but have much wider rims and larger tires that provide enough support to ride on the snow or sand. Fat bike is especially suitable for winter cycling. With wide tires, you could easily float on top of the snow and make your way through the winter.

We NEXTIE mainly supports the fat bike riding with carbon fiber wheels. This is where it all began for NEXTIE in 2013 with our first wheel mold for the Wild Dragon 26" 90mm carbon fat bike rim, which has led the rise and development of carbon fiber fatbike wheels all over the world.

nextie carbon fiber fat bicycle wheels wild dragon 26 inch beach

Till now, we have developed almost all sizes of carbon fiber fat bike rims and wheels in different sizes of 26", 27.5" and 29", including the single wall XIphias series, Wild Dragon and Black Eagle double wall series for riders. Especially, we developed the unique tri-spoke wheels over the world of which we are so proud. Our goal is to make the bicycle products lighter, stronger and ride faster. One happy customer highly appreciated and said: NEXTIE is Fat Bike Wheel World Headquarter.

In addition to the carbon fiber rim and wheel products, we are constantly updating and expanding the carbon fiber components related to fat bikes. When it comes to developing something new, we have always maintained an attitude of excellence and presented the best bicycle products to our fans.